Cartoon Network


I just got ring bases in a few days ago, so I can do rings. I have a whole bunch of cabochons still in stock! Sweets, characters, flowers, hearts, etc. :3 If you’re interested, send me a question in my ask! 

I also have a few premade cases still in my shop, click here to go to that! Both premade cases are 23.00 USD. But I can do custom cases for whichever phone model you have starting at 25 USD, so long as a hard case is made for it. You can pick basically whatever theme you want. There’s a listing for whip cream base cases, and rhinestone base cases. If you have a request seperate from one of those, feel free to contact me on tumblr or storenvy. 

I have a shop, by the way. This isn’t a cartoon network post, but I thought I’d post this for anyone who is interested. Message me here, or on tokki—tokki, ooor on storenvy.